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Thursday, August 4, 2016

What's REALLY Causing Your Low Sex Drive?

It's the finish of a protracted day and your partner needs to own sex. you are therefore not into it and cite sheer exhaustion as your libido-squashing offender. however truth be told, many ladies are not perpetually as set for sex as they'd wish to be. In fact, for up to simple fraction of adult ladies, low concupiscence could be a chronic downside that interferes with their quality of life. Despite however common it's, this condition—known as inactive concupiscence disorder (HSDD)—is not well-known or understood.

According to a recent survey supported by HealthyWomen and Palatin Technologies, Inc. [Editor’s note: Palatin Technologies, Inc., is developing bremelanotide, AN on-demand treatment for HSDD.], nearly 1/2 biological time ladies (ages 30-50) say they've veteran low concupiscence at some purpose in their lives, nonetheless solely fourteen p.c were aware that HSDD was a medical condition. HSDD could be a kind of need|concupiscence|physical attraction|desire} disorder that may be outlined as a deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual intercourse that causes marked distress or social issue. This under-reported and under-recognized sexual concern will take a true toll on a woman's romantic relationships and vanity.

Low concupiscence is that the commonest kind of feminine sexual disfunction (FSD). FSD, the overall medical term for disturbance in women's sexual functioning, conjointly includes feminine arousal disorders, sexual pain disorders and feminine orgasmic disorder.

Symptoms of low concupiscence include:

Lack of sexual thoughts
Lack of concupiscence that can't be attributed to the other physical or medicine condition, nor to any medications
Distress because of lack of sexual thoughts or want
Strain on relationship with partner because of lack of sexual thoughts or want
If you suffer from one or all of those symptoms, you're not alone. in line with the HealthyWomen and Palatin Technologies survey, including 906 biological time ladies, forty six p.c veteran low concupiscence. Of these, regarding six in ten were distressed regarding their dulled cravings for sex.

Why such distress? The survey found that eighty five p.c of ladies ages thirty to fifty suppose low concupiscence hurts the extent of intimacy in their romantic relationships. And of those ladies, sixty six p.c suppose low concupiscence negatively impacts their communication with their partners.


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